Podcast #11: Interview with Cory Bergeron

Former TV personality leaves career on screen to stay at home with kids.

Publish on Feb 04, 2019
Cory Bergeron, the founder and CEO of Pitch Video, has been the face of hundreds of items on television networks and infomercials and has grossed hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. He is best known to television audiences as DRTV’s all-American dad, a family man and expert on household solutions, lawn and garden items and electronics.

In addition to his extensive talent resume’, Cory has decades of experience in video production. Having had great success as a videographer, audio engineer, stage manager, director and producer, Cory understands what can be accomplished on both sides of a lens, making him a valuable and rare asset to his clients. Cory has directed and produced videos for some of the largest corporate giants in America, including Canon USA, Alcon pharmaceuticals, Motorola, Dunkin Doughnuts, Goodyear, RCA, Xerox and Homedics, just to name a few. Pitch Video is Cory’s way of bringing all his talents and experience to a single table for the benefit of his client.

Cory is a proud husband very involved father of 4.

In this podcast we discuss the years when Cory was staying at home with the kids and how that has impacted his relationship with the kids now that they are older.

  • Cory tells the dynamic story of what it was like to go from working full time in the television industry to changing diapers and keeping a house together. He provides humor, wisdom and practical resources that can help men take on the difficult aspects of being a father as well as a husband.

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