Podast #9: Nate Lind Interview

The balancing act between successfull entrepreneur and father...

Publish on Feb 18, 2019
Nate Lind is the founder of Adsum, the Legends mastermind group, and a multi-million dollar e-commerce company selling hair care products for women and men.

He is a father and he has had a fascinating journey going from canning pack house to his education at the art institute to a junior programmer to selling and buying 50 million dollars of real estate to consultant for fortune 500 banks to multi-million dollar e-commerce company to Adsum. 

This interview with reveals some foundational principles that every father needs to hear. The balance of creating a thriving business, while maintaining a healthy home have a lot to do with how you view yourself and how much you are growing as a man. Nate discusses several keys to ensure this is possible as a man in today's world. Enjoy!

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