Episode 18: Next Level Leadership with Dov Baron

An open invitation to men into the leadership role they were destined to have.

Publish on May 08, 2019

Dov Baron, an international keynote speaker, renowned business coach to Fortune 500 Executives, best selling author, and creator of the #1 leadership podcast on the planet (www.FullmontyLeadship.com) joined us for an intimate conversation.

Dov Baron was sighted by Inc Magazine Top100 Leadership Speakers to Hire. He is a Bestselling Author: Focused on Equipping The Millennial Generation in Family Businesses for Leadership

Dov holds nothing back in this interview and puts a challenge on the table for any father/man to take up.

Enjoy the discussion as we cover parenting, leadership, limiting wounds of a father, growth, and much, much more. There is even a short therapy session part way through!

Here is a quote Dov wanted you all to enjoy on boundaries:

Boundaries are where most of us not only as leaders but as humans fail themselves. . First of all do NOT expect yourself to naturally have great boundaries. There's a good chance that as wonderful as you like to imagine your parents were, there's a very good chance they were boundary crashers who inadvertently trained you to ignore your own healthy boundaries. . Therefore, boundaries are a muscle that must be trained. You will likely feel uncomfortable setting them, even more uncomfortable holding them and potentially lonely when you do... Nonetheless, honour them. Remember this: When you set a boundary; people will without doubt crash it...It's NOT their job to respect your boundaries, it's yours!

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